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GSI, AMIANTO . is a company created in the year 2016. Its trajectory has always been very focused on the environment and therefore its largest volume of work is dedicated to the removal of fiber cement or uralite.

In GSI AMIANTO we know the importance of the withdrawal of this compound and of the damage and damage it generates to the living beings that coexist with it on a daily basis. We offer a integral service both for identification of the uralite or fibrocement, as well as for its withdrawal and all the procedures that such action entails, destruction of the waste, arrangements and transportation. In addition, we accompany the work with a complete technical advice regarding each act and client.

Our company believes in the improvement of our environment , believes in the recovery of it and helps with it in all its procedures, since for us it is a daily value that we give to each what we do.

We must mention that within our practices we also believe in the accomplishment of a job well done, well finished. That is why GSI has its registration in the RERA , inscription that regulates all activities related to asbestos. The RERA is essential for any type of asbestos handling or any practice that is related.

In addition to the inscription on the RERA, GSI is here certified as a carrier with several vehicles for the transport of multiple hazardous waste. We have the knowledge and the means to treat such waste and remove it from the reach of human beings.

From the beginning of any work we comply with all the current regulations both regarding the work plan submitted prior to the handling of the waste, as well as its removal or collection and ending with the destruction. n and the necessary certificates for our clients.

We want to emphasize that another of the parts , important, of our services is the assembly of covers . Many customers, once the waste is removed, want to leave the room covered, either with a new panel or with a roof. GSI fits your needs so that your property is covered with the materials you want.

We have saved this last section to tell you about our great work team . Team, first of all, human. Consciously trained professionals for the complete dedication to the treatment of hazardous waste, trained in the handling of lifting equipment and the handling of heavy machinery necessary for such work.

If something has taught us the experience with our clients, it is that a well-carried out work accompanied by a human team, understanding, with initiative and capable of listening to the others, guarantees a perfect coordina- tion.


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